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A slight case of overblogging
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Wednesday, November 17th, 2004

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Awake early
Odd, usually I don't manage to drag myself out of bed til 5 minutes before I have to leave the house. So having been up long enough to read the LJ that's accumulated since yesterday evening I've still time for a quick update. Only now I suddenly don't know what to say.

Monday: work, home, drink with Mike pre-pizza, pizza, post-pizza, bed. Tuesday: work, lovely long lunch with Acronym at Loch Fyne (thankyou very very much indeed, it made a wonderful present!), home, nap, CSI, bed. Oh what an exciting life I lead. Work is a bit mad given the amount of spam - it's making digging through the bounced-bounces in particular take forever. Still suffering from indigestion of some sort, it's definitely irritating. Still, life's pretty sweet.

Current Mood: tired

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