November 14th, 2004



Nice dinner in Carlton with parents and rjk last night. Mike joined us for a drink first, and seemed to get on with people OK :-) Didn't make it to Marisa's party as we were too tired by tbe time we were done and it was so so cold outside it was rather off-putting. Bit of a crap excuse really. I spent the evening mostly faffing and a bit reading while gently enjoying the company around me. Slept quite well in Clare's comfy bed, but Richard said the snoring was keeping him awake. Bugger.

Up relatively early this morning, and over to see what the bathroom looks like. Ooooooh shiny. New vinyl floor, new mirror and towel rail, new blind and some assorted accessories, plus the walls painted blue. All looks very lovely. And very *clean*. New towels too, must not dye them accidentally with my hair! Off to the Galleria thereafter for lunch. Richard wasn't hungry and the service was a bit wobbly - they really haven't got the welcoming customers bit down pat: having waved us towards the upstairs bit we sat at the one table for four that was actually clean and laid out and were told that that table was reserved - for someone else. And told to move in no uncertain terms. Mum would have quite happily left at that point, but the best fillet of beef she remembers having may well have changed her mind a little. Nice bottle of house red to wash it down too. Shame Richard wasn't hungrier.

Quiet afternoon of geeking (when the firewall let me :-) and reading. Should think about dinner soon. And then the weekend will be over. Time flies all too fast sometimes, but I'm really looking forward to next weekend anyway!