November 10th, 2004


Well now, that was an adventure

Washing machine decided not to drain. Bit of leather cord from one of Richard's pockets stuck in the trap for catching bits and bobs, seems to have been the culprit since it now successfully gets past the rinse cycle, which it wasn't doing before. Of course before we could fish this out we had to drain the machine by hand. Nice paddling pool for a kitchen. But hey, at least it made me wash the floor properly... That's the last trace of the toffee gone.

Been feeling mostly better today. Very productive morning. Nice lunch with Mike: the sandwiches in Eat are really rather nice and the soup looked good too. Came home and fell asleep reading as I often do, especially when I slept badly, didn't even get to bed til after 1, and woke at 7:30. Woke from nap feeling grotty and sick again, which is why I was in for all this adventure. Long bath did leave me feeling well enough to risk a glass of milk and a sandwich though. Will see how I feel in the morning.

Off to listen to the radio now, while I read the rest of the current Chalet School book, as rjk tries to install Starcraft on the laptop.