November 1st, 2004


Little meme from uk.misc

Nora Drenaline  wrote:
>What's the oldest record you own? Real NO PLASTIC stuff I mean, none
>of this 'got it on tape/cd' cheating.

Oldest recording on 7":  (P)1970 The Happy Wanderer and I Can Sing A Rainbow
Oldest 7" *I* bought: (P)1979 Squeeze, Cool for Cats, on pink vinyl
Oldest 7" I bought *new*: (P)1985 Aha, Take On Me

Oldest recording on 12": (C)1981 The Simon And Garfunkel Collection
Oldest 12" *I* bought: (P)1984 U2, The Unforgettable Fire

I bought the latter new, though not when it first came out.

Looks like 1985 was when I first started buying music.