October 31st, 2004


Quiet in here today

Two lovely parties + two lovely blokes + lots of lovely friends == great night.

The first party was Ned's - with a nice mix of people he knew from college and work friends. Many of the work ones I'd met before in the Carlton, which made life easier, especially with knowing Jenn and Jamie and Beth as well. Lots of effort had been gone into with decorating on Ned and Beth's part and fancy dress on everyone else's. I felt a little underdone as Sandman's Death, especially since it appeared most people didn't get the reference. Well, I don't supppose I really expected it. It's still a nice generic goth outfit. Ate much toffee and haribo gummy things.

The second was Sion and Jan's - and had only one person I hadn't met before: compilerbitch. Nice to also see Andy and Doseybat, plus Nile and Owen and August as well as the usual sort of Cambridge crowd. Nice mellow living room party where I lounged on a beanbag and helped Quilp the badger to dance along to the stereo, since I hadn't enough energy (or space) to dance myself. Party was still in reasonable, if somewhat reduced, swing when we decided we were tired and left. Hopefully not too much toffee ended up all over their kitchen.

Didn't really talk to anyone much, but very pleasant regardless. And soon the clocks will change, so I should get a reasonable night's sleep too. Hopefully there should be some photos from both parties online before too long.
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Sunday Bloody Sunday

Even quieter today than it was yesterday. Presumably everyone else, like me, is having a lazy day and has sod all to day about themselves, and there's not much to react to either, so not much inspiration for writing about anything else. Amused to note that getting dressed can make my weight go up my 2.6 lbs, and that's not even including shoes. Side effect of wallet and keys in jeans pocket and the heavy belt Mike lent me I guess. Should give it back. I think I'll try dig out, write up, and put away the books I've read recently now, and then find something approximating lunch, before starting on the next one.
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