October 30th, 2004


Happy Happy me

Quiet day yesterday, some useful virus blocking sorted out in the morning, after we discovered 216 copies of a new virus had been blocked by our filters but weren't yet being recognised by the real virus scanner - new variant of Bagle. What with faffing with that and a couple of other virus related things it was quite a productive morning. Lunch with Mike in town let me do a little bit of shopping for a halloween costume for tonight. L9.40 spent, but on things which I'll still use so probably worth it. It's not really a very impressive costume but it'll do.

Quiet afternoon in with Richard, since he was still at home achy. Lovely dinner of roast duck legs with roasted parsnip and swede and jacket spuds, with some rather nice gravy. I like food when I can just do all the preparation at once and then come back 45 mins later and have it all just about ready to serve. After dinner I headed over to GR for a rubber of bridge with Diz, Clare and Mike. It was 10pm when we finally got started, and 1.5 hours and four Pulp albums later we really had only had time for one rubber. They beat us 1570 points to around 600 iirc. All those part scores make it look like there was some really appalling bidding and play going on, but in fact there was a surprising amount of sheer bad luck in the splits of cards. It was a fun way to spend the evening and fun to sit aorund talking for half an hour after, while the last album finished (This is Hardcore, We Love Life, His and Hers, Different Class - in that order).

Lay awake talking for a while after that, and woke for a while and vaguely watched the day dawning before 8, then went back to sleep for another four hours. Finally turfed myself out of bed around 1:30 when friends Phil and Cathie phoned to say they'd hit the A14 and would see me soon. They beat me there by a small margin, and we spent four hours just sitting and chatting and in their case feeding and changing the baby. Dylan being all of four weeks old, and really rather pretty for a baby and very well behaved. He grumbled a bit a couple of times but didn't get anywhere near proper crying, never mind the siren wails that some small children seem to manage. It was really strange because I haven't really seen either of them much since I left school: caught up with Phil in the summer after my first year and I think I saw Cathie briefly the summer after that, but that's 9 and 8 years ago respectively. And we all seemed to just get on as if nothing much had changed. Seemed a long way to come for a gossip and a coffee and some cake, but hey, apparently this is a woman who'll happily make an 80 mile round trip for an icecream, so I shall just believe her when she says it's a sensible thing to do. I shall have to try catch up with them again at Christmas.

Now I've had a bit of a chance to catch up on 24 hours of LJ and news, and to have some real food to eat for the first time all day, and it'll soon be time to head out and party. Think I'll be giving the Carlton a miss at this rate, but will pop into Ned's party for a bit before going on to join French's Rd later. Looking forward to another lovely evening.
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