October 26th, 2004


Happiness and sadness

Last night was an absolutely lovely evening out. Andrew invited a handful of us out to dinner to celebrate his actual birthday, and we all met at the University Centre bar before heading up to the Riverside Restaurant on the first floor. Everything about the evening was great. The food was fabulous, the company was fun, the wine seemed to be being enjoyed. The jokes were cringeworthy in tbe best possible way. And we headed back down to the bar afterwards and chatted about this and that until they threw us out at closing time. Thankyou Andrew for a great time.

As is becoming a habit on Mondays I headed back to Relativity with Mike. To say hello briefly to post-pizza, and to help clean the kitchen. Not the most romantic of passtimes I guess. But hey, they have a clean shiny cooker now. Headed up to bed and spent too much of the night talking again, and hence too little sleep. Woke to a gloriously beautiful morning, crisp and cold and covered in dew and with a blue sky that seemed to go on forever. And today I had lunch with Richard in town, since he'd forgotten his wallet this morning. And we bumped into Aldabra for a chat which was nice. 24 hours of almost absolute happiness.

And just a tinge of sadness, some from bits of insecurity and some from today's (ubiquitous) news. Jan and I are never going to be able to say of Andrew that John Peel actually *rang him up* about one of his records. j4 and julietk both say things much better than I ever could. He didn't touch my life as much as he did some, but I'll miss his voice on the radio and the love he obviously had for his life and his job.