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A slight case of overblogging
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Saturday, October 23rd, 2004

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Long lie-in, and wibble about journals.
Perhaps I should have got up sooner, I feel kind of dopey in a too-much-sleep way now, if that makes any sense at all. Some mildly disturbing dreams, which seem to have vanished beyond the memory of being disturbed. Lying in bed dozing for hours is a great way to dream lots at least.

I've no idea what to do with the rest of my day.

Perhaps I shall try mobbsy's latest trick of looking at random LJs. I suspect by his classification I come under "nothing interesting to say" too. Of course what's interesting probably varies by audience. I hope I'm slightly more interesting to my friends than I would be to a stranger. And given I write at least partly for myself I hope I'll be interesting to me if I read back over this some time in the future.

I like having a journal that's mostly completely open to all. I make a point of never making posts which are readable to only friends, or to some subset of friends. I have found myself self-censoring sometimes as a result though. I wonder if in the future I'll remember the things I left out from the hints. Or perhaps when it's bitterness and aching (which often it has been) it'll be better to just forget. I've made a few posts which were entirely private over the last few months, as a sort of experiment. It feels kind of odd. As does the odd bit of writing I've done on paper too. Maybe some day I'll go back and make them public too. Along with the entries from 1989 to 1998 which really were my own personal diary as a teenager and at university. I still doubt they're interesting to anyone but me.

Of course some of you read the first couple of paragraphs and then didn't get this far, because it was too dull.
The good thing about reading in the bath is that only ones toes get prune-like. I have just emerged from my second marathon bath in two days, this time over 2.5 hours long. Nearly finished my third chalet school book in 2 days too.

Feeling strangely distant from the world as a result of staying in last night and then being on my own all day today, especially will so little of it spent on irc. The world however is looking very shiny, not only because I've cheered up after yesterday's incompetence but also because I unearthed my glasses while going through paperwork earlier on and figured I might as well try wearing them for a bit. Things really are just that little bit sharper. Cute geeky tshirt has been co-opted for tonight's party, since I didn't take it out clubbing and I wouldn't want to disappoint it.

Wonder how the walkers are getting on. Damply I suspect, looking at the weather outside. Thought they'd be back by now.The only question is if I should eat on my own or wait for Richard to get back. Orange seem to be entirely broken, so I can't expect any info by mobile from him. Some day I should drag myself out and be a bit more energetic.

Edit, 18:20: Aha, here he is now. Still no Orange, though Rachel says she's got network again.
Birthday Party, November 20th
            Eleanor Blair cordially invites you to join her at 
                            A Birthday Party! 
                   to celebrate her 29th birthday 
Place: 14 Arden Road, Cambridge CB4 2UJ 
Date:  20th November 2004 
Time:  7:30pm 
RSVP:  By 13th November  (comment here, unless you also got the email invite) 
Dress: Come as you like 

Partners and children welcome, let me know if you're bringing them 

See memories for email invite list, or yell if you're not on my friends list.

Current Mood: party

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