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A slight case of overblogging
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Friday, October 22nd, 2004

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Two different sorts:

First having Mike around for a couple of days and now having rjk back. Nice to have people round the house. I was so tired by Thursday this week that I booked Friday off work, which meant I didn't have to get up quite so painfully early as usual, which was rather pleasant.

Second: cooking. Parkin is in the oven, toffee is cooling. Kitchen is no longer *complete* bombsite, there's just lots of washing up. I had a mad dash to the shops to buy eggs partway through, leaving the boiling sugar turned right down. Bit risky but no harm done apparently, and I bought more self-raising flour and demerara sugar while I was there. And I have a small very pink patch on one finger where a drop of toffee landed on it while I was tipping it into the tin to cool. Ouch. Still, a rather successful case of following two recipes in parallel. I look forward to the results. But of course it being parkin I have to wait a week to eat it.

Edit: parkin safely out of oven and cooling, looking good. Toffee set. Anyone any clues how the hell to get it out of the tin? Well, technically not a tin, went for one of the square le creuset dishes.
Let LJ run my life.
OK, serious fashion advice wanted. Do I stay in the BRMC tshirt (red) or go for the No place like tshirt (black, tighter, sparkly ruby slippers). This is with short denim skirt, for indie/retro/alternative night.

Edit: #chiark all seem to reckon black.
Domestic goddess? Pah!
*sigh*. Parkin not very well cooked underneath, and too crispy on top. Disintegrated all over the place when removing from tin, but was sticky enough to reassemble somewhat. Have cut into squarishes and put away in an airtight box. Perhaps it'll taste OK in a week's time. The bits of crumbs I ate were a bit on the bland side. And hitting the toffee was the wrong way to do it. I now own one square le creuset potterie dish and not two. Sometimes I wonder why I bother.

Doesn't really make me feel very much like a) cooking dinner or b) going out later.
I am a wuss
Not even choccie biccies and a can of (sugarfree) red bull can make me shift my arse out of the house. Soz to Jan, Mike, Andrew and anyone else who was hoping to see me. Catch most of you tomorrow evening probably.

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