October 19th, 2004


Interesting idea

From bopeepsheep. Messages for various people, anonymously. If you think I owe you a comment, or that one of these is aimed specifically at you, then feel free to take it personally. If you don't, don't worry about it.

  1. Where shall we meet for lunch tomorrow?
  2. Is there anything I can send you in return?
  3. Great chemistry between us last night, thanks :-)
  4. I love you.
  5. Are you joining us for PopArt on Friday?
  6. Have fun in Bournemouth.
  7. Have fun also in Bournemouth, but less unusually so :-)
  8. Want lunch again this week?
  9. Hope you got the maths problems done OK.
  10. Get Well Soon.
  11. Sorry, I don't have any interesting poetry to post.
  12. Great photos.
  13. So what colour are mine?
  14. Happy belated birthday!

I'll add more if I think of them :-)


Not a meme

Sunday really did end up being a quiet day. Dozed and read and geeked and not much else. Oh, watched rjk playing computer games quite a bit. Both Rome: total war and Warcraft 3 are rather fun.

Monday was the usual rush at work, which ends up being faintly unsatisfying since I don't feel like I'm getting anywhere much. Spent the afternoon lounging around with rjk, and we watched Bandits - the DVD he bought me for our anniversary. It really is a rather lovely film, with a brilliant finalé. Hey and it's poly-friendly too :-) Nice to see Noodles at pizza, and Chris too. You should (both) come more often - if we haven't scared you off already. Very quiet post-pizza, and would have been even more so if Owen, Pete and rjk hadn't joined me and Mike and Simon. Civilised for the most part. Though it did degenerate into arm-wrestling at one point. Mike was humiliatingly good compared to either me or Pete - who were much more evenly match. He beat me right-handed but I won with the left. Oddly that arm seems to be aching somewhat now. Got to bed around 12:30 but stayed awake what seemed like half the night talking. Which is nice but doesn't half make for being tired the next day.

Oddly the tiredness seemed to leave me strangely focused and I had what felt like a very productive morning at work. It was a handful of little bits and pieces really, but all vaguely useful and all without having to be asked. Not sure I can manage that again tomorrow since it was most of the things I have in hand. We shall see. This afternoon I geeked and read and then cuddled rjk for a little before playing him at chess and losing. Though I did have the upper hand in the middle of the game. A couple of goofed moves after he decided the queen exchange was necessary to stay alive and it wasn't long before I was being walked over though. And over dinner we watched Once Upon a Time in Mexico. Now I knew I wanted to see it, and I'm a huge fan of Desperado, but I'm not sure quite what I was expecting. Hard to follow in places it was utterly insane pretty much all the way through, with Johnny Depp being the maddest of the lot. Hey and he even says "Savvy?" at one point. I think overall it was glorious, but I'm still reeling a bit so I'm not quite sure. And definitely not one for Sion. Had a good brief gossip with my mum early on too. Looks like Emily and John won't make it down for my birthday - Steph and Dave are undecided. Would be nice to see them. Steph has just been made redundant though, which I'm sure can't help. Not been there long enough to get more than her standard notice as pay-off though. Still, she was bored stiff there anyway.

Looking forward to lunch with Jan tomorrow, and trying on the trousers Jac has sent me, would be good to catch Andrew for lunch again later in the week too - must drop him some mail. Not looking forward to seeing Occupation Health tomorrow afternoon. Might manage between these to fit in waving rjk off to Bournemouth for a couple of days to visit his mum and dad - assuming he's feeling better - currently he's nursing a stiff knee. And that's the end of another somewhat long and dull post from me. Perhaps it's made some of the messages in the previous post more obvious.

Body mods

From a conversation on irc...

To me all of the below are in some way the same sort of thing, although I didn't see it that way until Richard pointed it out a year or so back. It made me feel a lot less bitter at people who I don't see as overweight who still want to be thinner. I instinctively still find the cosmetic surgery more distasteful than most of the rest, and wonder if others feel the same.

NB More what you find acceptable in others than what you would consider doing yourself.

Poll #369403 Body Modification

Which of the following are acceptable forms of body modification (to you):

hair dye
ear piercings
nose piercings
navel piercings
nipple piercings
genital piercings
deliberate scarification
small tattoos
tattoos covering large areas of skin
wearing contacts instead of glasses
wearing coloured contacts
laser eye surgery
teeth straightening
dieting (to lose or gain weight)
cosmetic surgery (noses, boobs, lipo, whatever)