October 17th, 2004


Same old same old

Quiet Friday night with Richard, crime telly from last week on video, much geeking and reading and scavenged food. A pleasant way to spend the evening anyway.

Saturday morning long lie in. Saturday afternoon Mike dragged me into town though, and we wandered through Robert Sayle where he looked at ipods but failed to find someone on the sales staff with time to talk to him about them. Then we did the charity shops on Burleigh Street, where we bought CDs (only one single in my case, and it was only a quid, I'll let myself off this one breach of my no-cd-buying rule), plus went into Sunrise, the sk8ter shop and Forbidden Planet - where we didn't buy anything. Though Mike rather drooled over the models of the car from back to the future.

And then we went to the cinema, and bumped into Gail (*wave*) who insisted on ribbing us for being coupley. And we rather enjoyed the film, despite the fact I'm embarrassed to admit it to the rest of you and Mike said he was embarrassed to even admit it to himself. (Wimbledon, if you must so, formulaic romantic comedy but good enough of its genre for the most part. I liked the younger brother Carl best).

We were inspired to consider fish and chips for dinner, and on tossing a coin between that and sensible food the grease won. So we took it back to Mike's and ate and listened to some of his new purchases before joining the ELOPP at Milton Road. Which was lovely, and very very relaxed. Downfall and knitting and nice people. I can still knit. I can sort of cast on a bit. I worked out how to increase the stitches on a row entirely accidentally. And how to make nice even rows of occasional holes (trying to repeat an earlier accidental thing that looked quite nice). Seem to have forgotten how purl works. Maybe I shall buy myself a pair of knitting needles and some wool and experiment some more.

No plans for tomorrow. Will take it as it comes, and if it's as nice as today it'll be lovely.