October 13th, 2004


Not insomnia

Hope those of you who were struggling to sleep have dropped off. I'm just back from a great evening. Lovely time with rjk at home, mmm bubbles, mmm candles. Then a rather fun time at the Calling. Danced to the three tracks at the end of Robin's set, and a small bunch folowing the NMA later. Mostly I just talked to people. Some I knew well, some I'd vaguely met before, some I'd not really been introduced to, and some complete strangers. I'm now rather hoarse, as shouting over music does not combine well with a cold. But glad I went. Here's to the next one.


Grue asked me to stop her from getting too tarty if she drank too much. I seem to have forgotten or something *evil grin* and some kind gentleman (Mobbsy) kept buying her beer. Oddly enough Mike didn't seem to mind. And I wouldn't dream of laughing about it, oh no. *snigger*. A very respectable score at the quiz anyway, two points behind both Mobbsy and the Anoraks, and only 6 points behind the winners. Now I'm just wondering how come *I* feel drunk on only 3 halves. And looking forward to being back in the pub again tomorrow.