September 30th, 2004



Two productive days at work in a row have left me feeling pretty good, even if I'm tired. Friday tomorrow which is always good, and I get to see if my code actually worked ok on this afternoon's live data, but it should be fine. Didn't come last in yesterday's quiz, in fact came quite respectably near the top. Big thanks to Mike's coworker Arthur and his housemate Mark. We ended up guessing closest how many sets of false teeth were lost on the New York subway in one year (I forget which) - actual answer of the order of 7000. And I knew that an American Harvestman would be a Daddy Long Legs over here, which won us a tenner, to promptly spend on nice whisky. Second drink in a week, having had a couple of glasses of port post-pizza. Still planning to keep the drinking strictly in check most of the time. Which I managed tonight. Nice to see Jan back from her hols, and to see Andrew even if he was feeling a bit overwhelmed, and Adam too. Entertaining to watch people being introduced twice over - once by name and once by LJ-nick. neilh was around too, in a rather spiffy suit. And we won a rather spectacular 9 quid playing Matrix on the quiz machine. Most of which went straight back in, as did the fiver won on Spot The Difference. We ended up beating the high score on the table, even if this sadly knocked Felcher off the bottom. Not sure what I'm doing at the weekend other than Becky's party. Still haven't worked out exactly how to appear as or with a bowl of vomit. Considered marshmallows (floating in a curdled baileys and creme de menthes punch) but too late to get hold of veggie ones at this point. And I seem to be rambling here, so I shall shut up and go to bed. Once again I could really do with the sleep.