September 25th, 2004

nekkid, nekkid 2003

Party-filled weekend

Lovely party last night for Matthew's birthday. Fairly quiet by Cambridge standards, but this was just nice. And it was lovely to see Patrick out and to see Lois again. She's really rather sweet. Was amused by how much it flummoxed Sarah to have a small child at a party. Sally made a rather wonderful cake, and Andrew brought strawberries. And a small bunch of us sat up late talking about the (lack of) merits of linguistic prescriptivism, and then listening to the Sisters. Matthew you're a sad old goth. Cycled back late at night with Mike and Mobbsy, which was pleasant in the cool evening air.

Late to bed meant late to rise. By the time I got round to starting on dyeing hair with Mike it was 3pm, and somehow we managed to take 4 hours to do two sets of bleached roots and two sets of colour. Blue for boys and pink for girls. By the time I got to Simes and E-Js I was starving, and the BBQ was a very welcome sight. And I'm really glad I went. Seeing reactions to my hair made me realise just how long it is since I've seen some people: most people are used to me being pink by now. And it was lovely to catch up with Sally (lovely haircut) and Fi (looking gorgeous). Nile seemed to be having fun putting faces to LJ usernames. And E-J was having great fun wandering around taking lots of photos. I look forward to seeing them.

By 10:40 I was reaching falling down tired though, so I've decided sleepiness is the better part of valour, and that 3 parties in one weekend would be just too much. It will have to be another time before I see Ross and Vicky's new place. Bed is definitely calling me. But maybe I'll just catch up a bit on LJ first...