September 19th, 2004


Bizarre day

Woke around 7:45 to rjk's parents getting up. Unavoidable to notice them since I was kipping on the sofa downstairs. Waved them off around 8:30 and went back to bed. Where I stayed until 14:30 - although admittedly the last hour of that was on the phone to mate Cathie. Due date tomorrow, fingers crossed for her and Phil and Beanie (as they're currently calling him/her). Geeked for a bit, read for a bit, and then dozed off on the sofa again around 4:30. It really has been thoroughly lazy. And now I'm off to the pub, so say hi to christi.

Actually yesterday was pretty lazy too, mostly just pottered round the house with M and Bernie. Nice dinner of fish pie followed by fruit salad. Watched some telly: Tony Robinson on the worst jobs in history - rather entertaining. Then talked til M went to bed and headed over to Milton Rd for the party there. In which many sweets were made to disappear, I learned to play Carcasonne, beat Mike at Downfall, and had a generally nice time.

Been a good quiet weekend. Just what I needed really. Even if I feel an arse for yesterday's posting :-/