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A slight case of overblogging
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Thursday, September 16th, 2004

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Just had a fabulous lunch with ADW. Well, the food was Tatties usual fare and perfectly edible. Really nice conversation though. Have spotted both the 12-track-compilation meme and another to name one album which you consider in some way to be the best ever album (the latter slightly misremembered), and these inspired a certain amount of thought about things one way or another. I'm still considering my 12 tracks, although they're beginning to solidify a little. As for best album I think Pulp's This is Hardcore is a pretty high contender as far as I'm concerned. Completely lost track of time, and rabbited about all sorts of good stuff.

In other news we did terribly at the quiz again last night, but managed once again the wonderful trick of getting both the booby prize and also getting the closest in the cash-prize competition and winning a tenner as well. Which bought a round of drinks (no alcohol - very restrained) and still left us with some cash each. Fun evening. Stayed at Mike's again, which is always nice. Still can't believe how much we're making each other happy at the moment. And rjk makes me happy too: had a nice meal together before he dashed out to karate last night, and looking forward to the weekend with his parents visiting.

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