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A slight case of overblogging
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Wednesday, September 8th, 2004

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Work: official review. Going up to half-time (an extra 45 mins a day) probably from next Monday - this is good. Salary review will probably be Monday or Tuesday. And will unfortunately mean being paid for only the half-time I'm working. Less good. I must spend less. Started by not buying the latest PJ Harvey album, though I did still buy a ticket for the gig tomorrow night.

NTL: rang them from work: 55 mins on hold before I talked to a person. They didn't even apologise, just said they'd have to talk to another team to get another appointment, took my mobile number and said I'd be called back. As yet (8 or so hours later) no call.

Life: fretting a bit about money, a bit about weight, that sort of thing. Think I can possibly combine spending less and eating more sensibly in at least some ways. Not buying breakfast in the post-office but eating something at home first, that sort of thing. Thinking about cutting out the booze. Should do me good in lots of different ways. Looking forward to tomorrow's gig anyway. Might join AFPmeet in the Carlton on Friday for a bit. Going to give the quiz a miss tonight I think, though half of me wants to go. Could really do with an early night.
I am 1337!
Or at least this post is.

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