September 7th, 2004



Just realised I didn't have any music related icons. Now slightly fixed. See this and previous post.


Frustrating day yesterday: I guess visiting the nurse practitioner was useful since it got me more pills, but the ankle only needs antihistamines and the only cure for the snoring and indigestion is to lose weight again. Though she did recommend something to help with the indigestion symptoms: local chemist didn't have it. And then in the afternoon NTL: failed to turn up. It's bad enough there was a wait of more than a week before they could even promise me an engineer but for them to then not show is worse. I am cross.

Made much better in the evening by dinner out with Mike. The manager of the curry place he eats at regularly has apparently been nagging him to bring me along, so we did indeed. And the food at the Saffron Brasserie is pretty good. Their mystery red sauce for poppadoms is indeed different from the one at the Tandoori Palace, though also quite nice. Service was excellent but perhaps a special case. Will no doubt be back at some point.

Productive start at work today, which didn't last all morning since tiredness overtook me. Spent the afternoon dozing, and have had a pleasant evening in with rjk. Pasta with ham and mushroom (zapped in the microwave) and pesto and cheese. Might be cheating food still to a certain extent but it's a lot more real than average. Tasted nice too. C5 have moved the last programme we usally watch back by an hour to fit in something on cosmetic surgery. Decided to tape it instead of staying up until 00:40. Might even get an early night. Hope rjk feels better soon.