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A slight case of overblogging
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Friday, September 3rd, 2004

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Well, I'm sitting at the computer, I'm in a good mood, and I'm not doing very much, so I might as well get typing. Read more...Collapse )

Current Mood: Happy

More recently
Pleasant time at Simon's on Wednesday, though we both spent more time wibbling at each other than is normal. I feel like I'm letting him down a bit, by throttling back on the more um-friend bits of our friendship. It feels very sad in some ways, but I really do think he's a wonderful friend, even if I don't seem to feel any more than that any more. And it doesn't mean I didn't feel that way previously.

Thursday I had lunch in town with Jan, since she definitely needed the company. Was intending to head straight to the pub in the evening after rjk set off for karate, but Mike invited me round to help eat the birthday cake Clare had kindly baked him, and how could I refuse. Sat and talked and hugged for a bit afterwards. And he told me he loves me. And I love him too. And... wow. Just wow.. Made it to the pub eventually and spent some time sitting out in the nice cool garden talking to Jan about this and that, since she wasn't feeling up to the crowds. Sat with rjk for a bit afterwards, then home, to reassure him that I do still love him too. Even if I am sleeping in the other room to stop the snoring keeping him awake. It's the other thing apart from hurting Simon that I'm a bit worried about at the moment. Might be nice to sit down and talk to Juliet at some point, since she and Pete and Kitty seem to have got a pretty good balance.

Still tired this morning, so not the world's most productive day at work. Did get one answer in the crossword though before the others did. Lunch with Mike in town, nice picnic in the little churchyard outside Great St Mary's. It's a nice little spot in good weather. Quiet afternoon now and then I'm going to cook some duck for dinner and rjk and I can watch one of the DVDs I've currently got on loan through the post. Maize maze tomorrow, then the afternoon part of fanf's party before I head up to visit my parents.

Current Mood: Sad for friends, but so happy

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