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A slight case of overblogging
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Monday, August 30th, 2004

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That was a fantastic weekend. I am now shattered and bruised, but at least am clean again. Very very different indeed to Glasto, but while I think some people would enjoy one and not the other I had a really good time. Good company, far too much to drink, great music, lots of silliness, weather not too awful. Couldn't ask for much more really. Mike's mates are all really friendly, and despite a lot of mickey-taking I really liked them. And I'm really overusing the word really. And talking with a much broader Yorkshire accent than I was before the weekend, as a side-effect of spending it with a bunch of folks largely from Sheffield.

Having nearly fallen asleep on the bus back from the station though am going to give tonight's post-pizza a miss and stay in and catch up with rjk. More co-herent write-up should follow. Though again I kept up until halfway through Saturday and then just didn't find time.

Current Mood: Exhilarated
Nile might think it's unflattering, and the purple streak might have already faded to blonde, but I like this pic, enough to make it the new default. For now at least.

Current Mood: Still tired and happy

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