August 23rd, 2004


Topical playlist

Bruce Springsteen Born To Run Thunder Road
Chris IsaakWicked game Funeral in the Rain
Del Amitri Waking Hours Hatful Of Rain
Eurythmics Greatest Hits Here comes the rain again
Jean Michel Jarre Images Band In The Rain
Peter Gabriel Shaking The Tree - Sixteen Golden Greats Red Rain
Del Amitri Hatful Of Rain - The Best Of Spit In The Rain
Placebo Sleeping With Ghosts English Summer Rain
Porcupine Tree On the Sunday of Life... It will Rain for a Million Years
R.E.M. Reveal I'll Take The Rain
Travis The Man Who Why Does It Always Rain On Me
U2 The Best of 1990-2000 - Disc 2 (The B-Sides) Summer Rain
Various uk.misc Volume 3 - 2001 The Year Of The HORSE Angie Stone - No More Rain - Jeannie
Richard Thompson Rumor and Sigh 1952 Vincent Black Lightning
The Doors The Best Of The Doors - CD2 Riders On The Storm
U2 The Best of 1990-2000 - Disc 2 (The B-Sides) Electrical Storm
Porcupine Tree Staircase Infinities Cloud Zero
GarbageGarbage Only Happy When It Rains
Preacher BoyDemanding To Be Next A little better when it rains
Richard CheeseLounge Against the MachineOnly Happy When it Rains
Peter GabrielShaking The Tree - Sixteen Golden Greats Here Comes The Flood
Divine ComedyFin De SiècleHere Comes The Flood
Show of HandsCold FrontierThe flood
The OrbAdventures Beyond The Ultraworld (CD1)Earth Orbit One - Little Fluffy Clouds
The BeatlesAbbey RoadHere Comes The Sun


Minor illness kind of interrupted my evening. Collapse ) It's a shame really, missed seeing Mike this evening, since he didn't get back from the gym til after I'd left. And it's going to mess up scheduling tomorrow, having to go to the docs. Ah well, can't be helped much.