August 20th, 2004


Mostly down the pub

Last night I drank beer, and Mike, Greg and I came last in the quiz. It was a fairly respectable last though: the next best had only one point more than us and Mobbsy/Peter/Dan only one more than that. Came closest to the average weight of a banana in grams (we guessed 123, the answer was 126) but failed to recognise Lauran Bacall's real name and hence didn't win a tenner. Better luck next time.

Today I was very tired despite going to bed at a fairly reasonable time, and I somehow didn't feel like beer, so tonight I spent the evening drinking diet coke. Pleasant evening of comfy chairs and random chat with a selection of people. Feeling sleepy despite the nap this afternoon and all the caffeine, so hopefully I'll sleep better tonight and can get a more productive day tomorrow.

Friday's child is full of something or other

Better day at work, nice lunch with Mike, lazy afternoon, pleasant evening with rjk: CSI, Law and Order, ciabatta and cheese and paté, computer games and chess and gin. Update: and Kahlua and irc and innuendo.

Decided against tomorrow's Bmovie special, sorry again Kitty, another time. Mobbsy: if you do want to cycle on Sunday let me know. Forecast is looking mostly sunny.
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