August 10th, 2004


My mate fancies you

Interesting post and comments on the subject of crushes here:

As I say there I do tend to think it must be pretty obvious who I fancy. Curious to see if I'm right though. And if I'm asking the one question I might as well ask the inverse :-)

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Who do you think LNR fancies?

Who do you think fancies LNR?

Edit: Dammit, that wasn't meant as fishing. *blushes* Seriously, I'm interested in who you actually do think fancies me at the moment, not in flattery, even if it's meant as sincere flattery, IYSWIM.

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It seems to have got late

Keeps happening recently. Stayed up late post-pizza, an evening featuring Clare's rather excellent chocolate cake. I'd not come across impulse-baking before. Lack of sleep is definitely hampering me a bit at work, but it's not all bad. And I'm actually looking forward to getting back to the thing I was working on today, which is a brilliant feeling.

Nice lunch at Dojo with Acronym (I worked out why I use your LJ nick: too many Andrews). Good food, good company, good conversation. Nice to see us *both* being a lot more cheerful these days.

Had a nice quiet evening in tonight, which was just what I needed. Really enjoying The Lyon's Den on C5 at the moment. Nice mix of ongoing plot and individual cases. An early night might have been wise, but I guess this will do. Dinner with rjk then quiz at the Carlton tomorrow. Considering whether to do Bmovie on Friday, followed by the beer festival at the Oakdale ( on Saturday. If it's still this hot I might be more inclined to just wander down on Sunday for a few quiet beers then instead. There's always the Bmovie special on Saturday 21st instead.