August 9th, 2004



Mike back in Cambridge this weekend after a week in Italy, and it was good to catch up with him.

Went to a gig on Saturday night at The Locomotive on Mill Road. Never been in there before but it doesn't make too bad a little venue. And the Broadside was very drinkable. I'd been invited to come along to see Chu Na Mi since I know their baritone
sax player, Dom the Hat, from uk.misc mostly. Wasn't exactly sure what to expect but I had a great night. Still wondering about a) buying a cornet and b) dropping them a line and seeing if they want to expand their brass section. Can provide own hat.

After that we headed over to Impropriety for a very improprietous house-cooling party. Was nice to see people and lovely to meet lzz, though the twister really did for me: combined with lots of booze and tight clothes it was not entirely surprising it made me feel ill in retrospect. Felt a bit out of it after that, but went and drank lemon squash and talked to Andrew in the kitchen which helped. Richard seemed to have had an excellent evening. Hewas looking very fine in the one outfit I saw him in, and rather good in the black PVC he was wearing in one of megamole's pics. Shame I missed the pink one. Mike goths up surprisingly prettily too. Or perhaps I'm biased.

Quiet day on Sunday nursing hangovers, then a pleasant evening at GR. Me and rjk haven't been over there much for dinner since we moved out, but it was nice to see Ian and Clare properly. And there was nice chinese too. And we got to see the train set demo :-) Spent a long while after dinner lounging round the living room with the stereo on, talking about not much and just generally chilling out. It was nice, though it meant getting home rather later than intended.

Not that it made much difference. It was 5am when I gave up tossing and turning in bed and resorted to sleeping on the living room floor instead. It seemed to work, I missed the rain that everyone else seemed to be woken up by, must have been out like a light. I really felt rough this morning though. Still, only 5 minutes late to work and another reasonable day. Got nearly all the postmaster routine stuff under my belt now. And I managed to sort out birthday present and card for my sister and post them, so they should easily arrive by Saturday. Now I think I might have a nap before Tesco are due 4-6 and then head out to pizza.
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