August 3rd, 2004


Day 2

Another good day at work. More catching up on new mail handling routine, documentation, and getting my hands dirty with the virus filtering.

It rained today. Between just before I left work and not long after I got home. It was very wet, but actually moderately pleasant. Later this afternoon it's just got hot and muggy again.

Spent much of the afternoon dozing, and the evening catching up on 1.5 weeks of LJ entries from my friends. I've read everyone in the first half of the alphabet now at least, will maybe read the other half tomorrow. Was feeling too dopey to go out to the cinema.


Email to my lspace address is pretty slow at the moment, sometimes only a couple of hours, sometimes as much as a day or two. If you want to get hold of me more quickly then mail direct to chiark will work better, though I'm not reading it at work.

It's something which seems to happen every once in a while, and is getting more common. A side effect of lots of spam and viruses really: lspace forwards mine to me and chiark gets stroppy at it. I'm beginning to wonder about retiring the address. Although I like its brevity, and it has been around for a long time now and is probably the easiest way for many people to find me. Argh, indecision.