July 23rd, 2004

nekkid, nekkid 2003

Ooooh shiny


Some of them need removing for clearly being completely borken. Not sure what when wrong with some of the Glasto ones, might have been trying to take closeups without flash with not enough light - was a disposable camera. The Dublin ones it's just film deterioration, having left it far too long before developing them. Some interesting effects though. And I got rjk's gallery cgi working all on my own too :-)



Nice evening with rjk last night, lovely dinner at the HotPot with nice wine, but very slow service. They seemed a bit understaffed. Was amused to have them wonder if we were summer students. Went with one of the set menus which had slightly too much sticky sweet stuff in the main courses, not quite enough variety. Though the wonton soup and satay chicken starters were excellent, and there was nothing actually wrong with any of the mains either. Finished early enough for a quick pint in the Carlton before heading home which was good. Nice to catch up with Simon T, and odd to see Simon C outside. When asked why he was here he said it was for the beer, and who am I to argue?

Lie in again this morning, must begin to get unused to that soon. Lunch in town again, doorstep sandwich in the Bun Shop, with enough chips to feed a small army. And then sat in the sunshine on Midsummer Common for a bit, just enjoying the world. Picked up my photos afterwards, but failed to buy anything else I wanted in town. Spent the afternoon faffing with them, and am pleased with the results, so that's good. And now we've got at least Acronym and Mike and hopefully Duncan too joining us for pizza and vids. And tomorrow my mum and dad are arriving for the week. It's going to be an odd week I think, but should be good.