July 22nd, 2004



I have drunk too much. I blame kitty entirely. It was a very pleasant day anyway, and he is an utter gentleman. And has good taste in pubs.
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I think this was actually a present from barberio many years back. Just suddenly reminded of it and a bit of touching it up makes it a lovely icon. So everyone, meet the gigglefish.

For context I used to have bad habit of producing the following typo: <giggle<

More about Nodnol

Hadn't seen Kitty properly for ages, not even more than just to say hello at Glasto, so he suggested it might be an idea to pop down and spend a day being sociable while I'm still off work. Collapse ).

Today I got up surprisingly un-hungover and staggered sleepily into town for lunch. Which might have explained why I was impatient enough to tug on my bike lock hard enough to break the key off in it while trying to get the thing open to lock my bike up. So lunch contained an unexpected visit to Ben Haywards to buy a new lock. Will probably continue to use the old one, since I got the key out using WD40 and pliers and still have a spare. Also managed to pop into Boots to get my glasto pics developed, so will be heading back into town tomorrow to pick them up. No idea if they'll be any good at all. And no idea what the third film will have on, it's been knocking round the house for 2 or 3 years. Probably too deteriorated to get much off but worth a try anyway.

Looking forward to dinner at HotPot once rjk gets back from Karate. Must do something sociable tomorrow evening perhaps, since I know my mum and dad are now expecting to arrive sometime mid-Saturday.