July 16th, 2004



I did an online quiz today. It told me I don't need a boyfriend. It's right. Boyfriends (or girlfriends) are not a necessity, but they can still be a very good thing indeed. I rather like mine.

In other news I had an excellent lunch with Jan (as always). And this evening held a rather pleasant cam.misc meet. If you happen to know Hugo ask him to tell you the story about the bruise. Me, MCV, Hugo, Sapient Fridge, Toby (ex-cam.misc), Diana, Sally and some random hill-walkers anyway. And some beer. And jelly beans. Was good. Then along to the Carlton to pick up a pile of books for Karen and say hello to the usual crowd. Hugs from Simon, dark mild which had just come on as I arrived, and a spectacular run on the quiz machine. 6 quid playing Two Towers. Can't be bad at all. And saw Mike briefly just to say hello and goodnight before going home to bed.

Of course this implies I should be in bed, but I am full of cold, and sucking menthlyptus sweets in an attempt to clear my sinuses enough to sleep. Looking forward to tomorrow evening and the weekend.


Every time I try sleep either I drown in snot and have to get up and blow my nose, or I get another attack of stomach acid and want to throw up. Got some sleep between around 6 and 8. I guess I can just keep trying each time I get too tired to keep my eyes open again. Comfy chair in the spare room for a bit I think.