July 13th, 2004



If you and I were alone in a room right now, what would we be doing?

Make it more entertaining though: post anonymously and I'll try and guess who's who. Comments will be screened; I'll unscreen the innocent ones!

(Now post this in your LJ and see what people want to do with you)

EditScreening now turned off, it was bugging me, and no-one seemed to be relying on it to be rude anyway ;-)


It was good to go to pizza last night, even if I didn't get to catch up with everyone I'd have liked to talk to. Post-pizza was nice too. Simon is awfully cuddly, and buys very nice port. I got to see the train-set-in-progress which looks cool. Also marvelled at clean shiny bathroom and amusing engineering instead of the usual flush handle.

As people drifted off we suddenly realised around 11:30 that we had a room full of bridge players. Slightly too many actually, but I was happy to sit out and watch while the other four played a rather haphazard rubber. Several contracts went down by one trick, Colin made game in 4H but had only bid three of them, and then him and Ian scraped back with a 3S contract which should have really been played in 3C by the other partnership. Entertaining to watch anyway. I'm definitely rusty, and not familiar with bidding based on counting losing tricks, rather than simply based on points and length. It's clear it gives slightly more information to play with, but they're definitely still struggling on getting the right bits conveyed.

Stopped shortly after 1, but most of us stayed up talking another couple of hours, a TGGD raised its head, but was remarkably tame, possibly since none of us really believed in god anyway. It made me think about a few things anyway, though I don't know if I was at all convincing. And when Ian and Clare went to bed Mike and I stayed up a bit later, talking and Collapse ).

Tonight I spent in with rjk, pasta for dinner and then crime telly on Channel 5. Still can't make my mind up about The Shield. I think too much of it tramples on my sense of ethics to make me very comfortable with it. But lovely to spend the evening with Richard anyway, even if he is a mass of aches and bruises. Looking forward to lunch with Jan tomorrow, and dinner out in the evening. Possibly cam.misc meet on Thursday instead of or in addition to the usual pub crowd. And a girly night in with Karen and friends and lots of hair on Friday, which should be fun, but I hope I don't mess up! Still haven't worked out my plans for Saturday. Will see how we go.
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