July 6th, 2004


Things I have done today

  • Got up at around 10:30 to answer door
  • Opened parcel and ripped 5 CDs in it
  • Showered and dressed
  • Ate breakfast: toast and yoghurt and fruit
  • Put some washing on
  • Put dinner on: a variant on cassoulet, with whole dug duck legs rather than lamb pieces
  • Made lunch: tom yum noodles, then raspberries with porridge oats and yoghurt, then some biccies
  • Wiped worksurfaces in kitchen, and stacked washing up more sensibly
  • read and geeked a bit in between it all

I guess that's not bad really.



I haven't got round to seeing yet:

  • The Day After Tomorrow (complete with extended scenes of persil)
  • The Ladykillers
  • Shrek 2

I suspect rjk would join me in the latter, and possibly the middle one, but is anyone still at all likely to be persuaded to come and see TDAT with me?