July 3rd, 2004


Lazy Saturday

Was planning to go to Megamole's BBQ this afternoon, and then on to Pete Clay's birthday party. But despite the offer of a lift when the time came to take it up I was just too tired. So instead I've spent the afternoon mostly curled up with a book. Historical romance with a fantasy twist. It's good sort of rubbish to read while tired. Light on the intellect.

I tried some of the custard I made for the trifle, which I'd put in a bowl, layered on top of the extra jelly. Made for very nice jelly and custard but not really anything like thick enough for the usual purposes of trifle. I suspect when it comes to trying to dish it up the process will be incredibly messy.

Have joined (on a free trial basis) an online DVD rental place. 3 DVDs out at any one time for 14.99 a month. Could downgrade it to 2 for 11.99, but they do the free trial based on that rate. You have to have at least 10 discs selected as ones you want to see before they send them out, in envelopes which cunningly fold up again afterwards to be prepaid returns envelopes. So this afternoon I watched Island Life, which as I suspected turned out to be a selection of videos from the Island record label. My mum and dad have an earlier video which was done for their 25th anniversary iirc. The highlight was definitely Pulp's Common People, which astoundingly I don't believe I've ever seen before. There was some other good stuff too, a mixture over the years. The only track on both collections being Robert Palmer's Addiction to Love, complete with over-made-up black-clad girl backing-band. For the first time I found myself thinking we should see more of the drummer dammit. Anyway also currently have The Darkness' DVD of their single I Believe in a Thing Called Love, and Cruel Intentions, which is supposed to be quite good. Perhaps I will watch the tomorrow.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll be feeling a bit more alive and do things like unpacking the rest of the glasto bag, putting some washing on, folding the (now dry) tent back up. Generic useful stuff. RJK has a karate thing to go to, some sort of demo I think. If Karen's run isn't at too antisocial an hour I shall try and go cheer her on anyway.

Actually all this talk of films reminds me I still have Mike's Back to the Future set. You should make us arrange to let you come round and watch the last one some time before long.

For the moment I think I'll head back to my book for a bit longer, and try not to spend any more of the evening eating things, since I'm not actually hungry.