June 29th, 2004


Oh yeah

On the way back on the train (first class! woo!) there were free copies of the Times. In tabloid format, which was a bit weird. But anyway, in their review section they had a pop review of Glastonbury which really bugged me. They only mentioned acts on the main two stages, completely ignoring the others. Which given it was a pop review might have been ok in a lot of cases but you'd have thought they'd have at least looked in on the New tent too. The Bees were admittedly the only people I went to see in there but they were fabulous, and Andrew and Duncan were both very keen on other people they saw there too. The other huge flaw was that they completely failed to review anyone who was on on Sunday. You'd have thought the festival was only two days long! Did the mud scare them off? OK so I missed both Gomez and the Divine Comedy myself through wimping out in the tent and listening to Supergrass from there instead who were excellent. And the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Muse were both fantastic. *grumble*