June 21st, 2004

nice boots, boots

Glastonbury again :-)

Anyone who wants to meet up at any point over the weekend and say hi should be able to get hold of me on 07791 272131. Hair is currently going purple. rjk has commissioned me to buy him a smaller sleeping bag (ie smaller when packed up) than his current one. We are also contemplating getting those self-inflating sleeping mats. Perhaps I shall ask to try one in the shop. Still wondering if I can away with my many-pocketed small rucksack, or will be tempted to buy a proper big one.

Arse. Ends are fabulous bright violet. Roots (which were bleached only a week ago) however are a strange silvery grey colour, and still blonde in places. They clearly don't hold the dye as well. Wonder what it'll look like when it's dry?