June 18th, 2004


What colour?

It seems I change hair colour so often these days most people don't think it worth commenting on any more. But much as I like the blonde-with-pink-highlights I have at the moment the roots are growing through and *I* still have fun changing colour. So... Which should I do for glasto?

What colour should I be?

stay blonde

I really must get some pics of it this colour before I change it though.
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Life, the universe and everything

So what have I been up to since the weekend? Not much really. Pottered round the house lots mostly, but not very productively. The living room is a little less full of junk because we had an NTL installation man around on Thursday afternoon, which gave me the tuits to rip up the cardboard boxes and put them in the green bin. The remaining junk is all in the wrong places though due to moving it out of his way, so it really is a mess in there. I do seem to have killed the ants though, or at least most of them.

Saw Chris Joseph in town for a couple of hours on Wednesday afternoon and just had a potter and a gossip and a couple of drinks in the new Druids. He was suitably surprised at how different it is since he was last there. Not as surprised as I was by the bottom of Fitzroy St. Kind of sad, I used to like the indian restaurant there. Further up the new building that Robert Sayle are supposed to be in is looking pretty nearly done. Though more like appartments than shopping. Are they really going to only have one floor? Was nice to see him anyway. If we want to visit before they've moved (and hence still get a go in the pool) it'll probably have to be the w/e after Glasto. Sounds like their new place will be nice anyway. And fingers crossed the freelance work looks promising and it's nice to hear his RSI problems are improving so much lately.

NTL man's visit means we now have cable telly, digital no less. Their basicist package ever, at £9.50 a month still has more channels than we're likely to actually watch, but it does mean we can watch them actually in tune, rather than fuzzy and cutting out all the time. Was warned by Peter Benie on Weds at the quiz (we didn't win) that the user interface would probably be painfully slow. He's right. I have looked up what's on tonight and the answer appears to be approximately nothing. Apart from a Britpop retrospective on Jools' Later on BBC2, which looks rather good.

Still full of cold and feel really really bad about having given it to rjk. He sounds dreadful. I really do hope he's well enough for LOTR tomorrow. Oddly with him being in the house all day today I was out for som of it, at the u.a.g garden party, which was really rather sweet. I gave away a selection of things to those there, and came home with a basil plant. Ate and drank and was merry. They were wimps for having opted to be inside even though it wasn't raining though. It was really fun actually, lots of nice people.