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A slight case of overblogging
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Friday, May 28th, 2004

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Overdoing it
I feel like I've been overdoing the booze all week. 2 halves on Tuesday lunchtime, an (undrunk) half and 3 pints on Wednesday evening, a pint Thursday lunchtime and another 2 halves Thursday evening, and now half a bottle of wine and a 1/4 bottle of dessert wine with lunch. Thursday was a great day, with the time between lunchtime and evening sessions sitting in a punt - this led to slightly overdoing it on the sun too, which I think must have been why I felt rough last night, since it wasn't really an enormous quantity of booze consumed.

I was glad I felt better when I got up though since lunch was wonderful and enormous. my birthday present for Jan being lunch for two at Loch Fyne. We both had mussels to start: mine standard moules marinieres and hers with chilli and coriander, then salmon for her with whisky and wild mushroom sauce and cod for me with cabbage and pancetta. And then dessert, lemon posset for Jan and cheese and oatcakes for me. Better value than the cheese company stall too! We weren't finished until nearly 4, and by that point were very pleasantly sleepily full. It was a lovely afternoon.

Still too full for dinner now. Not sure if I want to head down to the beerfest this evening or just curl up and doze. Can't read any more Chalet School books since I'm waiting for Joey Goes to the Oberland which should be arriving in the next couple of weeks from Amazon - it's the Girls Gone By unabridged edition, which isn't quite out yet, hence the wait. Other than that (and Summer Term, which is in the same order) I now have the complete set, which is cool. And came to mumbleCollapse ), which isn't too ridiculous a price for 62 books really but is a little bit wince-making.
60-73: more chalet school books
Over the last few weeks I've been reading these almost exclusively, since they make pleasant light reading. In order and with (I think) the numbering of the Armada paperbacks the ones I've got through are: Read more...Collapse ).

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