May 23rd, 2004



Well, that was an unmitigated success. The weather played nice and was warm enough for sitting out in jumpers for much of the evening. The BBQ played nice and stayed usable for ages, with the occasional topping up of charcoal. We forgot the marshmallows, but there were many different flavours of sausages, and burgers and mushrooms and potatoes done in tinfoil in the coals and Mark Murray's rather interesting mixed veg parcel. The salad was obviously a success since we seem to have eaten it all, as was the cake. Must make more, but need more sugar of both caster and icing varieties. It's a remarkably easy recipe, and came out really well.

Interesting mix of people, which seemed to work really well. And we got cocktails and a few hands of bridge in once we came inside, and Richard entertained people with the sillier tracks off the jukebox ("Wear black" was a particular success). All in all a very pleasant evening. The only problem now is I daren't go downstairs because I know just how much of a bombsite it is down there. I suppose I have to brave it at some point if I want breakfast though.
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