May 12th, 2004



Oh yeah, the DHL one was a thinkgeek order I'd forgotten about. An RTFM mug to go with the WTF one I already have. 2 girly tshirts for me "There's no place like" with red sparkly slippers, and "I my geek". And a "<geek> </geek>" tshirt for rjk. Today I got the skirt from ebay which turned out really quite respectable, and a handful of French kids' SF books.


I'm missing things from local friends I feel like I should have seen, just because my default view is too busy. So I've cut the default down by quite a lot. I will be reading you all occasionally at least but I can't guarantee to see everything. If you ever think I should have seen something and you're not sure I have then drop me a mail, or leave a comment with a pointer or something.

Had fun at quiz, Team Bob put in a pretty damned respectable showing. Came home perky but am suddenly feeling less so. Should probably drink less.