May 11th, 2004


Is it only Tuesday?

It somehow feels like ages since I actually said anything much. Watched Mercury Rising on Sunday night with rjk, which would have been a much better film if they'd just skipped the silly computery noises when the autistic boy was reading the supercode. A tiny thing like that and it just bugged me all to hell. Not too bad fodder for slobbing in front of though. Monday night we made a change and played a game of Scrabble after making valiant inroads on the curry. rjk beat me by a narrow margin. I shall have to try to play less complacently in future. And tonight was crime telly night, so we watched that over dinner. Must try and get the rest of the washing up done at some point, but I slept badly last night and didn't have the energy to do much more than read and prod ebay today, after Tesco came this morning anyway. I have made a survey of the bottles in our booze cupboard. I begin to feel the need for a cocktail party.
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