May 10th, 2004


all together now

Despite me being back home Richard and I have spent surprisingly little of the weekend together. Last night I went out to Jan's birthday party, and had a great time and drank too much and ended up talking porn and sexuality and so on later into the night with Ian Jackson, Andrew Walkingshaw and Rhodri, and didn't get home til nearly 4. As a result I didn't entirely feel like getting up to go out, so Richard went cycling on his own, and I eventually emerged from bed around 2pm. Still, pleasant evening together once he got in. DHL hopefully redelivering a parcel tomorrow, not sure quite what it'll be, will have to wait and see. Still waiting for some books from and also 2 books and a skirt from Ebay. So of course instead of deciding I've spent enough so far I've just been through ebay finding the remaining chalet school books and bidding sensible amounts on all the ones they have available. If I win all the auctions I will a) have spent an awful lot of money and b) have only 3 or 4 left to get.
cake: 2004, cake


There's a jar of balti sauce in the cupboard, and some defrosted chicken in the fridge, so curry for dinner sounds like an idea. Add Onion, pepper, carrot, potato, mushroom, baby corn, sugarsnap peas, peas, green beans and a tin of tomatoes, and I seem to have a rather nice looking meal. Only it looks like it will feed about 6. Hope you're hungry rjk :-). I can always freeze the rest or something.

Not entirely sure the G&T sorbet will quite go for pudding, but I can give it a go.