May 7th, 2004


Homeward bound

Heading back home tomorrow afternoon. It's been a nice few days but I'll be glad to be back. I still have decent fish and chips to look forward to for tomorrow's lunch though.


About 5 mins out of Ely I glanced out of the window just as we passed the big flooded bit of the fens, and I grinned and was glad to be coming home. Since I got here I've mostly been feeling cross though. The bus took ages, it started raining as soon as it got to Kings Hedges, and although I had a whole pile of ebay presents-to-myself to open, which was fun, the nice boots don't fit. Well, they fit my feet, but not my calves.

At that point I'd been travelling for four hours, and just wanted to go zonk, but instead went out to the Zebra and then Van Helsing. Nice to see people in the pub, and a nice pint of Guinness. The icecream at the cinema (fancy chocolate, cherry, and vanilla flavours) almost made up for not having time for dinner. I have a sandwich now instead. The film was entertaining enough. Bits reminding me of Dracula, Bond films, Star Wars, the Matrix and a dozen other bits and pieces. Mostly suspended critical faculties enough to enjoy it for the romp it was. Some nice ideas. But feh at the ending.

And then home in the rain. Drenched, and my hair's gone and dripped on my new pale jumper. Maybe I'll feel better in the morning after some sleep.