April 30th, 2004


23rd post

In order of when they were first written my 23rd post is a private one from July 1989, with only four sentences, the last of which is "If I don't do something soon I'll go crazy.".

In order of when first posted to livejournal the 5th sentence of the 23rd post is "Looking forward to a couple of busy evenings before that, curry tomorrow, pub on Thursday, cinema on Friday to see Minority Report which looks vaguely promising in a Hollywood action film sort of way."

Today's plans

  • Set vid to record Saturday's crime telly
  • Shower
  • Remove plastic guards from under painted skirting board
  • Get dressed
  • Washing up
  • lunch
  • pack, don't forget pills, toothpaste, and rjk's economist, train times halfway there, all stuff gathered, just not packed into bags yet
  • Get to station and buy tickets before 17:45