April 27th, 2004


Ruby Tuesday

Today I was in for Tesco to deliver me some food, and put it all away. I was also in for a plumber to come and replace the ball-valve in the cold tank to stop the overflow dripping. And I made us dinner, even if it was ready-meals. Spent most of the afternoon curled up on the sofa with my book and with the jukebox playing through the stereo. Not quite so sunny today, but still warm enough when I walked to the post box to pay for the latest thing I bought on ebay (black dress, 1.99 inc postage). More CSI and Law and Order very shortly. Oh and I made a new icon for being soppy. Comes from Ben and Nattie's wedding pics, and I always thought it was a nice one of the two of us.

53,55,56: trashy novels

53: Something Dangerous: Penny Vincenzi: ISBN 0752847910
55: Into Temptation: Penny Vincenzi: ISBN 0752849557
56: Riders: Jilly Cooper: ISBN 055215055X

Can't be bothered to write these up in full. The Vincenzis are the rest of the trilogy which started with No Angel. It does carry on following the same family, through until just after Celia's death. More romance, more intrigue, more publishing. Pleasant and entertaining enough. The Cooper is the first of her horsey blockbusters and is still a lovely read even though I've read it before. Not really much more to say. They're trash, but they're good at what they do and I enjoyed them all.