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A slight case of overblogging
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Saturday, April 24th, 2004

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Things, not stuff this time
To be honest despite talking today about stuff it's partly because I've *not* been feeling so bad that it's easier to talk. Other than on the weight front. But never mind. Pleasant evening in anyway, pizza, nice bottle of wine (oops), Clerks on vid and Jonathan Woss on the telly. And the weather forecast for tomorrow is another lovely day. And my cybercandy order has shipped. And I got the daft pink skirt I was after on ebay. See, good things :-)
hair-dye, sweets and weeds
Got up this morning to find two parcels sitting outside, not quite in front of the door, since they'd at least tried to avoid leaving them under the drip, but with no note through the door. Not terribly impressed. It does mean I now have reese's pieces, sour jelly beans and 3 colours of hair dye.

Other than that I've sat in the garden a bit, helped rjk pull out weeds, tried to kill off some ants, and geeked a bit. glorious weather. Off to go watch more B5 in a bit. Seems almost a shame.

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