April 21st, 2004



What a pleasant evening. I have been roundly laughed at for a silly hat, toasting 20:04, trying to look innocent, and all sorts of other things I can't recall offhand. I also had very nice dinner, and watched excellently funny film. All in very good company. Mmmmmm.

Wanna do it again some time?
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Hoegaarden and thingy, Umbel ale. Very coriander theme. Came second last in quiz but got tiebreaker and got the bonus question right. Read cool kids book about a spider while I was waiting for other people. Must find the ISBN :-). Was definitely right to go, helped lots, was feeling crap this afternoon. Mood falling again a bit now but going to go to sleep soon and hopefully be better tomorrow.

54: Dark at the Foot of the Stairs: Eileen Moore: ISBN 0340648732

(will review 53 when I do the sequel which I'm currently reading)

This rather sweet kids tale starts with Tommy's grandma being scared by a very large spider. Found it on the shelves in the pub and couldn't resist reading it. Tommy and his friend Mickey and his Gran are all lovely. As is the spider apparently. A nice little modern fairy tale. And with nice illustations by Moira Kemp. A good one to pick up if you see it around.