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A slight case of overblogging
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Saturday, April 17th, 2004

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Weekend so far
Last night we stayed in and ate pizza while watching Tuesday's crime TV followed by HIGNFY, the news and Jonathan Woss. Only one wine glass smashed in the process.

Today I've mostly pottered round the house geeking and reading. Yesterday's parcel never having showed I rang the couriers who said it was still booked out on the van from Friday and that the driver must have been part-time due to staff shortages or something which was why it didn't turn up here and it should go out again on Monday. Gee thanks. And I need to find time to go to the docs on Monday too. RJK and my scribbled notes both seem to concur on me not being well enough for work, but we shall see. Must contact work after that, with sick notes.

I did get a smaller parcel through the letter box both yesterday and today though, so that's nice. Even if the next book in the chalet school series (Lavender Leigh) is proving a little elusive. I don't really want to spend 25 quid on it. And irritatingly I already have Gay Lambert, since I could get the two together in one volume for less than Lavender is on its own. Anyway, read the second in the Penny Vincenzi trilogy on Thursday and Friday (will write up later), and have started on Stephenson's Quicksilver today. Which keeps making me giggle. Third Vincenzi is in the missing parcel. Sequel to Quicksilver has been borrowed from Tom, along with the latest Macleod. Plenty to read for the time being. And I got to do some of it sitting in the sunshine in the garden which was lovely.

More CSI and Law and Order tonight. Both knackered so quiet weekend in is a good plan. Will cook nice dinner of some description shortly (I think sausages will be involved).
What to do with an excess of overripe strawberries
Strawberry Daiquiri:

1.5 measures white rum
1 measure strawberry (or raspberry) liquer
3/4 measure grenadine
1/2 measure orange juice
3/4 measure lime juice
2 measures strawberry puree
1 tsp castor sugar
cup crushed ice

Multiply all quantities by 4, blend briefly, and serve in two very tall glasses garnished with a couple of slices of remaining strawberry. Yum. Hic.
OK, so where did I actually see the link to this?

I can't work out where I saw it. Richard had mentioned it before, but I came across the link somewhere online. And now I've donated he's wondering where I spotted it and I don't know :-)
I seem to be suddenly perky, for no reason I can think of.

We made the rest of the strawberry puree into milkshake, and it was good.

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