April 14th, 2004



Slept in til 1:30. Geeked all afternoon and made a million LJ posts of no significance and great boredom. Dozed some more til rjk got home. Made curry (from a jar) and ate it for dinner. Then slobbed out in front of the telly while rjk went to watch zombies. I just couldn't summon up the energy to go too. Sliding Doors is a nice film anyway. Spent all day eating too much, partly just to stave off the indigestion, partly boredom.

Lunch with Andrew and rjk tomorrow, and appointment with occupational health mid-afternoon. No sign of another appointment from addies yet. Today has seemed scarily like my life in my 4th year. But tomorrow should be better. Pub quiz in evening.
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Since Friday is drawing near... Are any of you London kittens going? And can Richard and I beg crash space? If not I guess we get the last train back.


I think I may have goofed. Repeatedly. God knows what the final result will look like. We'll see. May have to seek professional help.
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Overall it appears not too bad, the brownish ends in the edges look fairly pretty. Shame about the big brown bit at the back where I appear to have completely missed with the bleach.