April 13th, 2004


Here's another list of things I've learned today:

- The dutch for hangover (kater apparently).
- How good a film Leon is.
- How much sleep it's possible to get mid-afternoon by accident.
- That there are things in this world which are very scary, sometimes in davefish's journal.
- That bad guys should stick to the pretty chinese brocade jacket, and leave the bad special effects and wings out of it.
- And an odd cure for acid indigestion involving salt and milk.

I'll let you know in the morning if the latter actually works for more than 5 minutes.
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salt and milk:

didn't work. Was OK for half an hour or so but then had the nastiest bit of acidyness I've had in ages. Oh well. Rather better today. Oh yeah, and my wrist is almost entirely back to normal too, which is cool.