April 9th, 2004



I have turned middle-class and middle-aged in my sleep (which was full of very odd dreams). I have spent the last couple of hours not only mowing the lawn but edging it as well, and tidying all the bits into the composting bag, and pulling weeds out of the border and path. And on a bank holiday too. All is lost.
cake: 2004, cake

Party, Arden Road, Easter Sunday

I've sent an invite to all the cambridge people on my usual party invite list. If anyone thinks they should be on my invite list for parties but suspects they aren't then do get in touch with an email address. Invite read as follows:

Any of you who are still in Cambridge this weekend are welcome to join 
us at 14 Arden Rd from around 7pm on Sunday.  Please bring: bottle(s), 
nibbles, partner(s). 
Let me know if there's someone you think I've forgotten.