April 8th, 2004

nice boots, boots

Pleasant evening

Nice quietish chat with Lucy and Richard before the hordes arrived. Fun with the jukebox and fun with the quiz machine. Even got some of the money I put in back again. Came third in the quiz (second if you don't count the anoraks, and Jethro's even now started giving a small prize to whoever comes second, as well as the boobie prize for the last team). And then we won the jackpot questions, as 8214 was the closest guess to the number of injuries worldwide per year caused by toothpicks (the actual number was around 8800), and Sion knew the answer to the question. A half of Raunchy Rachel, a single Dalwhinnie, a hot choc with cream on top and lots of J2O. And people kept commenting on me being stripey. And apparently I'm not very butch.

So now I'm feeling really cheerful even if I've just failed to get one of the books I wanted on ebay. (I upped my max bid a little, based on prices on abebooks, but it went higher still). Oh well, never mind, there was another copy just starting elsewhere, so I've another 7 days of suspense.
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Easter weekend

So who's here in Cambridge over the weekend then? Was thinking of maybe having a party on Sunday evening, since most people won't have to get up on Monday.


Have been looking forward to getting out of the house and to the pub, and yet when it comes to time to go I suddenly don't feel like it. Shall curl up with a book instead.