April 4th, 2004



I have the beginnings of a mild cold it seems, just slightly blocked up and rather tired. Meant I missed a few things yesterday I would otherwise have done and instead slobbed in front of the telly for a while and then read lots. Feeling a bit perkier for a long lie in this morning. I really ought to have some breakfast or something. I seem to have already run out of things to say. I'm sure I had something else in mind but it's gone.

Sunday's child is full of snot

But has had a pleasant evening, eating chicken and chips, watching Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon on the telly, and helping rjk finish off the vanilla icecream. Up tomorrow morning to drop bike off for service, and the potter for a bit before meeting Richard and ADW for lunch. Must remember to bring your DVD and book with me. If the weather's nice I'll take the bike out for a spin once I get it back.